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Those musty odors and condensation on the windows are both signs of excessive moisture.

However, the more hidden causes are in your crawl space or basement. The polluted air, including musty odor, starts here, rises, and circulates in the house.

All, of which, contribute to poor indoor air quality, and greatly affects your family's health.

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Additionally, a vapor barrier:

  • Protects ductwork from rust and corrosion
  • Guards against unnatural aging of wiring, which causes problems
  • Guards against animals coming into your crawl space
  • Keeps your home dryer
  • Makes accessing the crawl space a cleaner job

What's in your crawl space? Some contain HVAC ductwork, or wiring, and plumbing.

Still others are just a large, seemingly vacant space. Whether your crawl space appears hard at work or simply dormant, all crawl spaces and basements have one very important job--support and hold the structure of your house!

They also share one problem together, excess moisture.

And when that moisture gets above 60%, it affects the rest of your home.

​Moisture control is absolutely essential to both the health of your family and of your property!

How To Control Moisture in Your Crawl Space

Keeping Moisture In The Ground

The Lifestyle Benefits of Moisture Control

Protecting your health and your home with a dehumidifier and a vapor barrier are essential for high-level moisture buildings.


​Moisture levels above 60% breed:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • ​Fungus

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Bugs of all kinds are competing for space in your house. If you really want to invite them in, a high humidity environment will do just that!

Roaches, spiders, silverfish, and more, are always seeking shelter and food. Excessive moisture invites unwanted pests into your home, where they rapidly multiply.

Wood boring beetles and termites can cause severe structural damage to floors, walls, and foundations.

Discouraging these costly insects from moving into your home is critical for protecting the biggest investment of your life, your home!

Humidity and Pests

A moisture controlled home is more

energy efficient!

mold on ceiling

Not only does controlling humidity levels inside the home increase your comfort, it also has other benefits.

It also reduces health risks, while protecting your home and possessions.

Studies show that approximately 50% of the air in a home comes from below the building.

Homes built in a mixed/humid climate like those in Virginia typically evaporate about 10 gallons of vapor water per 1,000 square feet of crawl space every day.

4 Big Benefits of a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers & Vapor Barriers for Crawl Spaces & Basements

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Moisture Control, Staunton, VA

A vapor barrier, which is thin sheeting covering the ground, keeps soil in the ground.

Its partner, a dehumidifier is on active duty, 24/7/365, to continuously lower moisture levels.

Between the two,  humidity levels are brought down to safe levels.

​A crawl space vapor barrier practically eliminates soil moisture from escaping into the area above it--your crawl space!