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Ants. They are busy little creatures that just don’t know how to take a break. That’s why ant control in Staunton, VA can be so difficult!

Here at Augusta Exterminating, we treat all kinds of ants:

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Field Ants
  • Allegheny Mound Ants
  • Fire Ants
  • Moisture Ants
  • Harvester Ants
  • Pavement Ants

And much more!

Ant pest control Staunton

Ants never stop working! They are always looking for places to grow

their colonies and to find food.

If you want to get rid of ants on your own, you have to be watchful and patient. Killing the worker ants won’t solve your problem. Instead, you want to use them to find the queen and destroy the nest.

 That’s why setting out ant bait is the path to destroying the whole colony. Place your bait along the ant trail. Then ant workers will carry them back to the colony. The queen will eat the bait, which will eventually kill her.

 No queen, no future ant populations.

You don’t have to use toxic chemicals 
to address ant problems if you don’t want to. Household remedies also do wonder on certain types of ants.

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Ant Pest Control

Ant Control Tip

Ant Control for Homeowners

Google these terms for natural ant control

  • Ant control with cinnamon
  • Ant control with peppermint oil
  • Carpenter ant control with borax
  • Ant control with salt
  • Ant control with vinegar
  • Ant control with baking soda

An ant infestation is a serious concern. Some ants not only eat your food, they eat electrical wiring, cables, dig soil from your walls and damage switchboard accessories. Carpenter ants, for example, love moist, decaying or hollow wood.

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When To Call An Exterminator For Ant Elimination

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One of the reasons people avoid calling a Staunton exterminator is this.

They are very concerned about harmful chemicals. No one wants to expose their pets or family to chemicals that can cause illness.

The good news is, pest control has come a long way! Augusta Exterminating uses eco-friendly pest sprays that get rid of your ant problems quickly.

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The internet is loaded with natural tips for getting rid of ants. Just Google any of the terms on the right to find them.

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To rid ants with peppermint oil, just place a few drops on a cotton ball and then wipe your baseboards, kitchen cabinets, etc. every few days until the ants are completely gone.

If you decide to use a conventional ant spray, wait until the worker ants have led you to an outdoor, below-ground nest. Then spray thoroughly.

To keep ants from returning, you must keep your foods sealed, all surfaces clean, and floors swept. Ants are always seeking water, food, and a place to live. Don’t make it easy for them!

It’s important to understand that over-the-counter ant sprays kill ants but don’t solve an ant infestation! Secondly, ants are smart. If they know you have sprayed in a certain area, they will simply avoid that area and find another way in.

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We Can Help!

Where do ants like to live?

Sometimes even your best efforts won’t eliminate ant colonies. An ant problem isn’t always about how clean your house is. Some homes are simply an ant haven, especially in late spring and early summer.

At that time of year, winged ants are intent on starting new colonies. And many times, it’s right in the open spaces of your walls! Knowing the ant species that are making your home an ant haven is very important. You have to know what kinds of foods the ant likes, and which method is the most effective for eliminating them.

With over 12,000 types of ants, that is not always easy to know, which makes it difficult to eliminate them. When you’ve tried everything, but are losing the battle, it’s time to call Augusta Exterminating. As professional pest management professionals, we can get rid of your ant infestation safely.

They cut galleries into the wood grain to form nests, which also allows them passageway from different sections in the nest. Like other insects, they also love sweets and meats.

Ants are very social creatures. They work in groups and they never stop working! They are always looking for other places to live, eat, and grow their colonies.

Some ants, like the Harvester ant, can be aggressive. Their sting is quite painful and can cause allergic reactions. No matter what kind of ant you have in your home, you must get rid of them!

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