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How Do I Keep Ladybugs From Getting Into My Home?

Ladybug Control, Staunton, VA

Ladybugs, Staunton

Lady Bug

We love ladybugs in our gardens because theyare so beneficial. They eat spider mites, aphids, white flies, and scale insects.  

And, ladybugs are excellent predators for aphid-prone flowers. But in the house? Not so much.

Often called lady beetle, or Asian Lady Beetle, ladybugs like to spend winters in lower elevations, like your house.

Ladybugs don’t cause any damage to your home, nor do they feed indoors. However, here in Staunton and Augusta County, ladybugs gather on the exterior of a home, as well as the interior, sometimes numbering in the hundreds.

This causes staining and odor. Naturally, homeowners want to prevent this from happening.

Additionally, some believe that lady beetles contribute to indoor allergies.


When To Call An Exterminator For Ladybugs

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If the DIY pest control measures don’twork, it’s time to call the pros at Augusta Exterminating.

We have years of experience dealing with ladybug pest control. We use a professional strength liquid barrier control for lady beetles.

Better yet, our pest control solutions are safe around pets and kids! When you’re ready for ladybugs to pack their bags and leave for good, give us a call. 


  • Cracks around windows, clapboards, doors
  • Pipes
  • Door jambs
  • Check for cracks in the foundation
  • Eaves
  • Cracks and openings around utility wires
  • Check chimneysgables, and soffits for possible entryways

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The best way to keep ladybugs from getting into your house is to ensure that all possible entry points are sealed.

If you have flowers that are prone to aphids, you may want to replant with a different species of flower. Lady beetles main source of food is the aphid.


There are many ways to get rid of ladybugs without calling an exterminator. Here are just a few:

  • Vacuum them up
  • Sweep them out of your house
  • Use a light trap in dark areas like the basement or attic
  • Use diatomaceous earth
  • Spray camphor or menthol on the infested area. Ladybugs are repelled by these smells
  • Make a soap and water trap
  • Borax
  • Over the counter barrier pesticides like pyrethrin or pyrethroid


Lady Beetles in Trees

They are looking for a place to hibernate. Interestingly enough, ladybugs are attracted to:

  • Older homes
  • Light colored houses
  • The heat that these homes reflect

Houses in wooded areas are more prone to a ladybug infestation because the insects are tree-dwelling. Once ladybugs get inside your home, they are difficult to eliminate.

Like other insects, ladybugs release pheromones as a means of communication while mating, and as a call to join hibernation. Ladybug pheromones are quite powerful and can be detected by other ladybugs as far away as ¼ of a mile.

This allows other lady beetles to congregate together for the winter. Unfortunately, those pheromones don’t go away easily. In fact, the scent can remain in your home for years, both inside and outside.

Once the winter is over and they become active again, they have often forgotten how they got inside!


How Do I Get Rid of Ladybugs Naturally?

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Why Do Ladybugs Come Into My House?