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Real Estate Termite Inspections, Staunton

From the basement to attics and crawl spaces, Augusta Exterminating scours every inch of the property to ensure that the building is termite-free.

drywood termites, we also inspect hardwood floors, exposed wood, and any wooden furniture for signs of termite activity.

As trained termite inspectors, we recognize termite damage and termite infestations that the consumer would otherwise miss.

 In our wood-destroying organisms report to the lender, we will include conditions that are conducive to another termite infestation, such as wood-to-ground contact or general moisture issues.

We’ll outline, if any, potential threats for future termite infestations. Those could include:

Our team looks at structural and moisture issues such as:

  • Standing water on the roof
  • Water that pools around the foundation
  • Wood mulch that’s too close to the foundation
  • Wooden deck supports that touch soil


As mentioned, the seller should treat for termites and have all damage repaired before the sale can be finalized.

You want to be sure that the service guarantee is transferred to you, the buyer. To understand what the retreat and repair claims are in the guarantee, contact the pest control company you’re working with for details.


Other wood destroying insects we treat for besides termites are:

  • ​Wood infesting beetles (powder post and wood borers)
  • Carpenter Ants
  • ​Carpenter Bees

Here at Augusta Exterminating, we review all possible entry points for signs of both termite damage and infestation, past and present.

We’ll also identify termite activity, and any areas that would promote termite activity.

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What If Your Prospective New Home Has Termites?

A wood-destroying organisms report is usually valid for up to 90 from the time of inspection. The report covers treatment only, not repairs.

If you find termites after 90 days, you will most likely be responsible for the termite treatment, as well as repairs.


What Termite Inspectors Look For

What If Termites Are Found After You Purchase the Home?

The seller of the home is responsible for eliminating these termite threats. And you want them to because homeowner policies rarely, if ever, cover termites.

 As the buyer, you are responsible for implementing the suggestions made by the termite inspector to prevent future infestations. You are also responsible for correcting conditions that are conducive 

Our professionals also look for visible signs of termite infestation such as:

  • Termite droppings
  • Wood damage
  • Discarded wings
  • Mud tubes (subterranean termites)
  • Termite exit holes​

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As part of your financial obligation, your bank will most likely require a termite inspection. And that’s a good thing!

Virginia is in the moderate to heavy zone for termites. Augusta Exterminating also treats for other wood destroying insects besides termites.

 As a licensed termite inspector, Augusta Exterminating will thoroughly inspect your property, noting any old damage by termites, or any other wood-destroying creatures. We’ll also note signs of recent termite infestation.

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