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You can use natural roach killers like diatomaceous earth or DE. It’s considered one of the best eco-friendly methods for getting rid of roaches.

The downside is that DE only targets the roaches it sees. This pest control approach will require a lot of diligence and repetition over months to hopefully get the job done.

The ideal solution is to contact Augusta Exterminating in Staunton, VA, so that we can fully resolve your roach infestation. Because roaches are so difficult to get rid of, we use several methods.
Not only that, but we offer a free inspection to determine exactly what kind of cockroach you have. That’s critical to exterminating them!


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How Do German Cockroaches Get Into My House?

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Are German Cockroaches Dangerous?

The allergens within their excrement and their shed skin can trigger severe asthma attacks.


Signs Of A German Cockroach Infestation


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The nymphs of German cockroaches emit pheromones through their feces, which increases the numbers within their population.

As the number of nymphsgrows, so does the musty pheromone smell. This is a sure sign of a German roach infestation.

 You will also see pepper-like fecal droppings on kitchen countertops or in drawers.

Roaches can bury themselves inside paper grocerybags, hide in briefcases, gym bags, crawl in through tiny little gaps around doors, and in through cracks.

In multi-unit apartments, German cockroaches move easily between units, using the plumbing and pipes as a kind of highway.

They can be introduced into your home when boxes, cardboard containers, or bags are brought into your residence.

True scavengers, they feed on almost any kind of food, including toothpaste, soap, and book bindings.

In fact, these roaches will feed on the tiniest of crumbs that are missed when cleaning. And, they will feed on dirty dishes left in the kitchen sink overnight.

German Roach Control, Staunton, VA

Breeding and Lifecycle of the

German Cockroach

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In room corners, cockroach droppings appear as dark spots or smears, with some that are slightly raised. You may also find these droppings on the tops of doors or in small wall cracks.

If there is a heavy population of roaches, you may see them crawling about during the day.

Worse, the German roach has few natural predators inside your home, which allows their population to grow virtually unnoticed. 

How Do I Get Rid Of German Cockroaches?

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While they do not bite or sting, German cockroaches live and feed in places that produce dangerous bacteria.

When roaches enter your home, they contaminate everything they touch. Food that has been crawled by roaches can lead to serious health risks such as:

Augusta Exterminating only uses pest control methods that are safe around kids and pets. Yet, they are highly effective!
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  • Salmonella
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea

Pet-Friendly and Kid Friendly Pest Control Applications

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A German female cockroach reproduces continually. During her lifetime, she can easily hatch nearly 400 eggs.

Each egg casing called an oothecae contains approximately 35-40 eggs.

That’s why the population grows so quickly when conditions are right.

She will carry her egg case on her abdomen until 1-2 days before hatching.

Then she finds a protected place to deposit them. Once born, the young, called nymphs, are wingless.

They will need to molt 6-7 times before becoming a fertile adult, approximately 100 days.

When it comes to cockroaches, it’s the German cockroach that is the most well-known. German cockroach control is the one roach we're most asked to eliminate. 

Small, and light brown in color, it has two black horizontal stripes behind its head and grows to a length of .5-.6 inches.

While this species has wings, they are not flying roaches. Instead, German cockroaches prefer to run. And they run extremely fast.

Like other roaches, they, too, prefer warm, damp spaces. That’s why they are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms. But, they will migrate to any area that has both food and moisture.