• Bait Stations—Using a bait station like Roach Motel is a popular way to kill cockroaches. The poisoned roach travels back to the nest, dies, and is eaten by other roaches, which continues the cycle.

However, bait stations only partially get rid of roaches. They don’t target all the roaches in your home.

  • Boric Acid Powder—This is one of the best roach killers, but it is often misapplied. Boric acid can be displaced by air currents, which spreads it to areas where children and pets come in contact with it.

Used correctly, it is deadly to cockroaches. Used incorrectly, boric acid will lose its effectiveness. Additionally, it’s not recommended as the sole way to eradicate cockroaches.


To prevent an Oriental cockroach infestation, it’s all about eliminating moist or wet conditions like the ones listed below.

Females produce approximately 8 capsules called oothecae. Each capsule contains 16 eggs which hatch in 60 days at room temperature, which is why oriental cockroach control is so critical.

Young Oriental cockroaches, called nymphs, must molt 7-10 times before becoming an adult. This usually takes between 24-130 weeks to complete.

The adult female lifespan is between 5-26 weeks. During that time, she produces about 200 offspring. Unlike other cockroach species, the development of the Oriental cockroach is seasonal.

During late spring and early summer, the number of adults peak. By fall, their numbers drop significantly due to natural mortality and the hatching of new roaches.


Other areas that attract Oriental cockroaches are:

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  • Sweep up crumbs immediately, as well as spills
  • Fix chronically leaky pipes in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Install a dehumidifier in high humidity areas
  • Inspect boxes, bags, and packages for cockroach signs before bringing them into your home

Here at Augusta Exterminating, we use pest control methods that are both pet and children friendly, and yet are very effective.

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How To Know If You Have An Oriental Cockroach Infestation

Windy conditions, wet conditions, very hot or very cold weather, even dry weather cause these insects distress.

So, they are usually seeking ways to avoid all that Mother Nature throws at them. Unfortunately, that means they seek the protection of your home or office building.

You’ll especially find them in basements, living around sump pumps and water collection systems.

oothecae cockroach egg sacks
  • Condensation on walls
  • Condensation around air ducts
  • Plumbing leaks that are not repaired
  • Damp crawl spaces
  • Any place in your home that has a constant supply of moisture
Sump Pump
Black Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach, Staunton

Oothecae cockroach egg sacks

Are Oriental Cockroaches Dangerous?

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Where Do Oriental Cockroaches Live?

When living outdoors, Oriental roaches prefer stormsewers, heavy vegetation, tree holes which collect water, and under the mulch in flower beds.

Unlike other cockroach species, they are not solely dependent on human scraps of food and refuse. The Oriental cockroach will also consume decaying plant or animal life.

When these filthy insects inhabit your home, they are generally looking for water, not food. That’s why you see them around exposed 
pipes, plumbing, toilets, and sinks.


Oriental Cockroach Control, Staunton, VA

Children playing

In warmer months, you will see theOriental cockroach scurrying around landscaped beds, or under gutters, in storm drains and sewer grates at night.

With a large cockroach infestation, there is a musty odor, which is a result of the chemicals they secrete to communicate with each other.

In general, with an infestation, you will see them on kitchen counters, under appliances, in a kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes, around pet water dishes, and any other place that harbors water.

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Landscaped Yard

Because Oriental Cockroaches need water to survive, and like to eat garbage and decomposing food, they carry pathogens and disease-causing bacteria.

Any time an Oriental roach crawls on your food, kitchen countertops, or any other surface, they are leaving trace amounts of those pathogens and disease-causing bacteria, which can make you sick.

And like their roach relatives, they can 
also triggerasthma or allergy attacks in those with compromised immune systems.

Home Pest Control of the Oriental Cockroach 

  • Seal cracks in the foundation of your home
  • Install door sweeps on your exterior doors
  • Keep food stored in the refrigerator
  • Use sealed containers when storing food
  • Don’t allow your garbage to accumulate!

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Reproduction of Oriental Cockroaches

Although Oriental cockroaches are dark brown in color, theyappear to be shiny black. In fact, most people simply call them black cockroaches.

But they are also known as black beetles or water bugs because they like very damp places.

Although there are no distinctive markings for the Oriental roach, the easiest way to identify them is by their wings, which are disproportionately small. The male’s wings cover about half of their abdomen.

While they are not flying roaches, the males can fly just enough if danger presents. Females, on the other hand, can’t fly at all. Their wings are so small, they are almost invisible.

Large insects, black cockroaches measure 1-2 inches in length. They like to live in dark places inside of buildings away from extremes in weather, which greatly affect them.


When To Hire A Professional Exterminator For Oriental Cockroaches

There are at least 5 ways to reduce or eliminate the Oriental cockroach from your home:

  • Caulking—Caulk all existing cracks to prevent an expansion of roach infestation.
  • Gel Bait—An effective roach killer, apply gel bait under baseboards, in cracks and crevices, or any other area that is likely to attract roaches.


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