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Getting rid of silverfish is a daunting task for anyone! A tear-shaped insect that varies in color from blue silver to brown, silverfish are highly destructive.

Measuring .47” -.74” inches, silverfish are wingless, flat creatures that have a fish-like appearance.

Nocturnal, silverfish move very fast, wreaking havoc wherever they go. Although these creatures prefer a humid environment, they can live anywhere.

Wondering how silverfish got in your home?

Silverfish are the ultimate opportunist. While they thrive in dark, damp places like basements or bathrooms, they can survive in almost any climate.

Silverfish are particularly attracted to damp clothing. Think stored boxes in the garage or shed. And they love paper.

 Silverfish also love carbohydrates like sugar and starches. So shampoos, glue in book bindings, and cellulose are quite tasty to them. And yes, silverfish have even been found in unopened food packages

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Silverfish eggs are hidden away from vacuum cleaners, brooms, DIY pest control sprays and home remedies for silverfish. Eggs are buried in cloth, food, or dust. Don’t be surprised if you open a dresser drawer or kitchen drawer only to see silverfish taking up residence.

A crowded area helps to regulate the temperature as well as the humidity of the area silverfish call home. That means eggs hatch faster. So if the silverfish living conditions are optimal, eggs can hatch between 19-32 days.

Worse, if silverfish declare the living space as a healthy place to breed, they emit aggregation pheromones, which tells other silverfish to join them and lay more eggs.

 Young silverfish look like a miniature version of the adults, molting over and over until they become adults.

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Silverfish: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

Although the silverfish lifespan is only 3-4 months, they make the most of it. Females produce from 2-3 egg groups every day with each group containing between 1-20 eggs. And, it’s not easy to find them.

Silverfish, Staunton, VA

Because silverfish like humidity, it’s important to keep the humidity as low as possible. Tighten up those leaky pipes, and place a dehumidifier in damp basements. Make sure bathrooms have good ventilation.

Keep Mother Nature outside. Seal up exterior cracks, and ensure that gutters and downspouts are free of debris.

 Reduce clutter. Piles of magazines become an easy place for silverfish to hide and breed. Seal dry goods like cereal, rice, quinoa, sugar, flour, pasta, and even pet food in airtight containers.

Add sachets of dried lavender to drawers or place sticks of cinnamon to also repel silverfish. More aggressive silverfish killers include diatomaceous earth, borax, and traps. Read more about those  here.

Silverfish love newspaper, cardboard, cellophane, artificial silk and cotton, rayon underneath carpets, glue, their own exuvia, and dead insects.

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To repel silverfish, use:

  • Mothballs 
  • Cinnamon
  •  Lavender
  •  Cedar
  •  Citrus  
  • Basil 

They hate these smells!

You can fill a spray bottle with distilled water or vodka and add about 25 drops of any of the above essential oils.

Be sure to spray baseboards, under bathroom and kitchen sinks, anywhere you think there’s potential for silverfish to inhabit.

What don’t they eat?

They damage wallpaper just to eat the paste. In fact, they have been known to eat so much of the glue that wallpaper simply falls down.

They eat dead insects, linen, artificial silk and cotton, their own exuvia or molted exoskeleton, cleansing tissue, cellophane, newspaper and cardboard.

Silverfish also feed on rayon that’s found beneath carpets.


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How Do Silverfish Breed?

Most DIY silverfish pest control works so-so. Silverfish traps, boric acid, and essential oils all do the job. However, the problem with natural pest control methods is they don’t address the root cause, silverfish eggs.

At first, more natural methods of pest control allow you to see a retreat of the infestation. Later, however, a re-emergence of silverfish occurs. This is a typical pattern. Unless the entire silverfish population is treated, they will return.

At Augusta Exterminating, Staunton, VA, we know that by the time you see evidence of silverfish, their numbers have climbed dramatically. As silverfish pest control experts, we know how to effectively eliminate them.

What’s even better is this. Augusta Exterminating uses pest control methods that are safe around kids and pets!

If you’ve had it with your silverfish infestation, it’s time to call the pros at Augusta Exterminating.


What Attracts Silverfish

If you see silverfish in your bathtub, sinks, your basement, attic, garage, or behind baseboards, you’ve most likely got a silverfish infestation. Silverfish love dark, moist, and warm places, and these are good spots for them.

Finding holes in your wallpaper or clothing with holes chewed in them, also accompanied by yellow stains are also signs of silverfish infestation. You may also find cast skins and pepper-like feces.

Silverfish are also found beneath tree bark outdoors, as well as in the nests of other birds and insects. You’ll also find them in the siding on your house.

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Signs of a Silverfish Infestation

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What Silverfish Eat

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