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Why Do Stink Bugs Come Into My House?

If all of your DIY pest control methods for stink bugs don’t give you the results you want, it’s time to call Augusta Exterminating.

While it’s true that stink bugs are resistant to many kinds of pesticides, we have pest control solutions that effectively eliminate stink bugs.

And, you won’t have to worry about your kids or your pets because our exterminating methods are safe.

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In the spring, the first generation of stink bugs feed 

on grasses and weeds. As they grow into adulthood, they will move their attention to orchards, fields, and residential landscapes.

It’s here they really do damage, feeding on peaches, berries, apples, peppers, pecans, and beans.

Stink bugs will also feed on field crops like cotton and sorghum. On residential properties, they feed on ornamental plants.

Stink bugs can also spread diseases among plants.

Stink bug on a leaf

The best defense here is an offense, meaning prevention is the best method. There are many, many ways to eliminate stink bugs. Here are just a few:

Stink bugs not only seek shelter in the great outdoors; they also seek shelter in the great indoors. As the weather turns colder, they seek a place out of the cold.

Like all insects, stink bugs sneak in through cracks and any opening they can find like chimneys, window and door frames, AC units, cracks or holes in your home’s foundation, and attic vents.

Stink bugs like dark areas to hibernate. In the spring, they become active again, and that’s when you see them.


When To Call An Exterminator for Stink Bugs

Pentatomidae, the stink bug

Four times a year, stink bugs lay 20-30 eggs in trees and plants. You’ll find them in groups on the underside of leaves and stems.

When the young emerge as nymphs, they look very similar in appearance to the adults, but they are a bit rounder than the adult.

It takes about 4-5 weeks for the nymphs to mature. The adults will over winter, as do some nymphs depending on the species. They hibernate in logs, or under boards, leaf litter, or your house.

Because there are no natural predators of stink bugs in the US, their population grows quickly.


Stink Bug

Commonly known as stink bugs, the Pentatomidae is universally hated by homeowners. Their justly deserved nickname comes from an odor they produce when threatened. 

With hundreds of species in the US, there are actually some stink bugs that are beneficial. These species don’t feed on 
plants but instead act as predators to the insects that attack plants.

Predatory stink bugs feed on root weevils, southern green stink bugs, velvet bean caterpillars, and Colorado potato beetles. For this reason, gardeners generally welcome them.

Don’t you wish that species lived here in Staunton, Churchville, and Waynesboro?

Stink Bug Extermination, Staunton

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 Instead, we have to deal with the plant eating stink bug, which means stink bug extermination is necessary.

These bugs have a body shaped like a shield with straight antennae, and they can fly short distances.

As nymphs, the stink bug varies from black to white in color. As an adult, they are most often green or brown. Some stink bugs are brightly colored and have patterns on their bodies, growing to as large as  ¾”.

For the farmer, stink bugs kill any possibility of selling their fruit. That’s because they inject saliva into the fruit when they pierce the fruit skin.

Because the saliva is toxic to the fruit, it damages it, leaving behind a scar that resembles the face of a cat. That’s why the stink bug also has the name of “cat-facing insects.”

  • Vacuum them up
  • Soapy water in a jar--drop them in and they suffocate
  • Flush them down the toilet
  • Use an over-the-counter insecticide that “kills on contact”
  • Apply residual insecticides around doors, windows, and the foundation
  • Use hairspray to paralyze the stink bug then flush it down the toilet

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